How To Setup Netflix Region without VPN

How To Setup Netflix Region without VPN

Enjoying all the available Netflix content isn’t possible if the content you want to watch isn’t available in your country. Yes, Netflix includes some geo-blocked contents that are only shown in some specific areas, and in some areas, they are not available.

VPN is an easier option to break this block but if you want to learn how to setup Netflix region without VPN– there’s a way too!

Is Changing Netflix Region without VPN Possible?

Tons of people depend on VPNs when it comes to changing their region and watching stuff online. If you are Netflix-freak and you want to change your region, we always recommend you to go for a VPN. Learn about how to watch Netflix on VPN iPhone or how to setup a VPN server on Android!

But is VPN the only way to set up a region and watch the geo-blocked contents on Netflix? Well, no, there are other methods too! Do, other methods for changing regions for Netflix work? Yes, they do work!

Some people think that there’s no other way than using a VPN for watching the geo-blocked contents. However, we have come to show you that it’s possible. Also, we want to mention that at times, most VPN fails to change the region for unlocking the geo-blocked contents for you.

Netflix has become more and more serious about keeping it that way. And in that fear, if you like to go for some other way instead of investing in VPNs, you can do it! The answer to the question is the Proxy Servers.

Yes, the Proxy servers will allow you to change the IP address. And as a result, you can easily use the internet as if you are not sitting in your home. Instead, you are sitting in a specific location! Isn’t it fun?

Steps To Setup Netflix Region without VPN

Now, let’s come to the Proxy Servers. In the case of Netflix, if you want to change the location here, you will not need any apps at all! All you need is to go through your device and make some changes! But well, we won’t say it’s easy! Check out this step-by-step method that can help you work with your device’s proxy servers!

  1. First of all, you will need to pick up a DNS proxy server address. In this case, our best friend Google can help us out. All you need is to go for a few searches in Google and you will get the DNS proxy providers there.
  2. Once you are done with the first step, it’s time to work on your device. Firstly, get your hands on the Settings of your device. This method mostly is designed for computers but you can make it work on your mobiles too. So, you are already in the Settings menu. There, search for the Network Settings. When you find this one, click on it.

3. In the Network Settings, you have to scroll and search for the Advanced settings. Skim through the options and find out the “Advanced” option. When you find it, click on it and then, search for the DNS tab. Now that you have got the DNS tab, click on it.

network setting

4. Here, you will see a Plus sign available. Search for the Plus (+) symbol and when you find it, all you need is to click on it. This will help you add the DNS proxy that you have picked before. After clicking it, all you need is to add the proxy server you have chosen.

5. There will be specific details necessary. Go through them and add the details your device requires. Once you are done with adding all the details. You have to press OK.

6. After this, you will need to restart the network connection. In this way, your device will save all the new settings. And eventually, the device will activate the new DNS settings so that you can enjoy a different location! You are done with changing into a different region and that without paying for a VPN!

7. Now that you have changed to a different region, you can enjoy all the Netflix content available in that specific region. Go to Netflix and enjoy! However, while picking up the DNS proxy server, make sure you check out which Netflix content you want to watch and which one is available in which country. According to this information, you have to pick up your DNS proxy server.

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How to Change Netflix Region Without VPN

Wrap Up

Using a VPN is mostly easy because all you need is to pay for it and all the manual work is done by the app automatically. As a result, you don’t need to work too much. But if you think spending so much money on VPNs every month is a waste, you can do it manually with the method we have mentioned above.

Picking up the DNS proxy server and filling up all the details are the only hard work you need to do here. Rest assured you will enjoy the service forever!

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