Free VPN for Linux Mint

Free VPN for Linux Mint-Things You Must know

Who doesn’t want to change the location when their favorite series or fighting lives are not available in their country!

Well, this is why we depend on VPNs. But when it is about free VPN for Linux Mint, things can get a little tough. No worries, we have listed everything that you need to know for Linux Mint free VPN!

Best VPNs for Linux Mint

If you know how to change Netflix region without VPN, we are proud of you. But we don’t disagree with the importance of VPN at all! Not all VPN providers come up with the right VPN for Linux or Linux Mint.

Free VPN for Linux Mint

In this case, VPN companies are more centered on larger platforms other than Linux. The providers are more concerned with providing necessary VPN services to Windows, macOS. Also, in terms of providing the service to mobile, they assure that Android and iOS are getting everything the platforms need.

However, Linux users suffer a lot when it comes to the best VPNs for Linux. It’s because Linux Mint is not the largest platform. And when the users are not much, the providers concern themselves with other platforms.

In this case, often Linux Mint or any Linux users get confused about which VPN to go for. We have made a list of VPNs that will work the best with the users. Take a look!

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • Surfshark
  • Proton VPN
  • PureVPN

These are the largest VPN providers in the market and most naturally, the more used ones. As a result, they plan on affording the same service to Linux users too. Get hold of anyone and enjoy browsing!

Free Linux VPN

When it comes to VPN, you mostly need to spend enough money to get the right VPN provider that helps you change your location. However, some people don’t like to invest so much every month on a VPN. What can you do then?

In that case, the best option is to settle for a free VPN. But unfortunately, not all providers afford free VPN for Linux. Go for the ones we have mentioned above. But in this case, you have to ensure that you are getting the OpenVPN for Linux.

Only the OpenVPN client for Linux is free. You will get it as a stand-alone command-line app usually. In either case, you might need to get a set of packages that will be integrated with Network Manager.

Setting up a Linux Mint Free VPN Connection  

1.Downloading VPN Files

First of all, your job is to download the VPN configuration files. These configurations files for OpenVPN will help you set up a Linux Mint connection. We have provided a link here. Check it out first.


Once you have clicked the link and got into the file, make sure you download the VPNFacile configuration files for OpenVPN.

After it is downloaded already, it’s time to open the file. In this stage, you will need to unzip the archive into a directory. Make sure that you are not going for the Downloads folder. You can go for the Documents folder or any other folder that you like!

2. Importing VPN Files

Now that the VPN files are already downloaded, it’s time to get your hands on Network Manager Icon. You will find it at the bottom part of your screen. Look at the right part and there you go! In this position, all you need is to check the Network Connections option and click on it.

After this, you have to go for the Plus button. Once you see it, click on the Plus (+) button. By clicking this button, you can add a VPN connection.

Here, you will see a long list. Go through it and at the very bottom, you will see an option called Import a Saved VPN Configuration. Your job is to click on it and move to the next step.

3.Selecting VPN Server File

In this step, your job will be to pick up the servers. Once you get your hands on the server, select one and click Open. And then, check out the next step to complete the configuration.

4.Configuring VPN Connection

Now that you have selected the VPN server file, get ready with the VPNFacile username. Along with the username, you will require the password. Enter it in the specific areas and to save changes, click Save.

5.Connecting to VPN

Go for Network Manager Icon first. There, you have to search for the name of the VPN connection you just have added. Once you get the name, click on it so that it can connect. And you are done connecting free VPN!

Wrap Up

We always are on the side of the paid VPN because the free VPN lacks a lot of privileges that the premium one includes. In the case of free VPN, no matter it’s for Windows, iOS, or Linux, you cannot select all the locations available there. However, when you need a VPN rarely, settling for a free VPN can save you a lot of money!

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