How To Install NordVPN on Router

How To Install NordVPN on Router

Whenever you want to go for a netwrok00wide online security, the best option to settle for is to add a VPN to your router. Now, which VPN can work the best for the job can be a million-dollar question!

But if we go for the user-loved VPN, the NordVPN is an affable solution. If you want to learn how to install NordVPN on router, all you need is to check the below-mentioned steps!

Steps to Install NordVPN on a Router

Configuring NordVPN or any VPN on your router highly depends on the router. The exact method you follow for the process depends on the manufacturer of your router. Though the steps differ, the basic idea for the whole technique is the same. Check out the steps to ensure a stable NordVPN connection on your router.

How To Install NordVPN on Router

Step 1: Get Access to the Administration

The first step of installing NordVPN on a router is to get access to the router’s administration section. With the router, you will get the username along with the password. All you need is to access the router with the help of your browser.

In the process, you have to go to the address bar first. There, you need to type By typing this, you can get access to the router via the browser.

Step 2: Check the VPN Options

In the second step, you have to go through the VPN options first. In most routers, the VPN options will be available under the “Advanced” settings. However, once again, we must tell you that not all routers will be the same.

As a result, not all routers will include the VPN options under the Advanced Settings. In this case, you have to check the manual of your router to learn where the VPN options are set and go according to what the manual says.

Step 3: Add the Profile

The idea of connecting VPN to the router will allow you network-wide security. No matter you are a UFC lover or Netflix, you can learn how to watch Netflix with VPN iPhone or how to watch UFC free with VPN too! But adding VPN to the routers gives you more flexibility.

Once you get access to the VPN options, you will require a profile so that you can add your VPN client. For adding the profile for the VPN client, you have to add the NordVPN username. This will ask for your password you. All you need is to provide the necessary details that the settings section requires.

Step 4: Download the Configurations

Once you are done adding the profile there, you have to download some configuration files. Here, you will need the OpenVPN client configuration files. Check the NordVPN site and you will get the link for OpenVPN.

All you need here is to install the configuration files onto the router. You will require uploading these files. For this job, go for uploading a .ovpn file.

Step 5: Add the DNS Servers

It’s time to check the WAN section. After you are done with the previous step, get your hands on the WAN section added there. In this section, you have to add NordVPN’s DNS servers.

If you don’t know about these DNS servers, we can help you with that. The DNS servers and 103.8699.100 will be required here. Add them up and then move to the next step.

Step 6: Activate

In this step, you will need to go back to the VPN tab once again. Once you are done with all the previous steps when you go back to the VPN tab. there will be some updates for you. You will get to see your new VPN entry there.

And here, you will be able to activate it. Check the page properly. You will see a specific icon. This one will show you the connection status of the entry.

Once you see that the indicator is showing the connection status, you can be assured that everything is working fine! That’s all you need! And you are done with the installation of NORDVPN on your router successfully!

Step 7: Deactivate

In some cases, you might require to deactivate the connection too. What will you do then? Yes, you can deactivate the connection whenever you want!

All you need is to go back to the same page first. And there, you will see an option called Deactivate. Your job is to press that Deactivate option and you are done disconnecting it!

VPN Supported Routers

Before you follow the steps we have mentioned earlier, it’s necessary to learn if the router you are using is supporting OpenVPN as a Client or not.

If it doesn’t support OpenVPN as a Client, you cannot install NordVPN or any other VPN there. In that case, you might need to replace it with a new router that supports these specifics.

Learn more:

Wrap Up

Installing NordVPN on your Router is not the toughest if you know the process and a few numbers. Follow our steps and you can complete the steps within minutes. It has been one of the most famous and loved VPNs so far for affording amazing facilities.  

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